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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to the Satyrsphere!

The Satyrsphere is a weekly journal podcast.

An irrelavant and insane podcast show about the goings on of a working actor, hockey enthusiast & gamer geek!

While, the show is a random outpouring of thought & emotion, you might expect the following:

Regular features include:
Musical of the Month
Like a monthly bookclub, but wherein selections from the Satyrs favorite original cast recordings are played and the show discussed. In hopes to get folks to purchase the OCRs themselves. Spreading the education of musical theatre!
Around the Gaming Table
Just talk about the RPGs the Satyr is currently involved in.
Pimp My Character
The Satyr actually encourages listeners to contact him to be interviewed about one of their favorite role playing characters. Go on, get geeky!
Hockey Hotplate
Not so much a hot stove as a hot plate. ;) The Satyr loves his San Jose Sharks and will gladly tell anyone.

In addition, expect ramblings about local theatrical endeavors as well.

I hope you enjoy the show!

To contact the Satyr, send an e-mail to:
and you can find the Satyr on Twitter at Satyrsphere

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