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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Satyrsphere 015

I mainly talk about theatre & hockey this week, plus an amazing number of calls for the Mystery Musical!

Thank you to Stewardess Virginia, of the Inside the Podcasters Studio Podcast, for the help at the beginning & end of the show!

Podcast Rollcall:
Foul Monkeys
The Moth

Last Weeks Mystery Musical:

Finian's Rainbow

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  1. The hockey business sounds like fun. Monday night hockey, eh? Does it have a theme song like Monday Night Football? That's cool that you have a friend who runs a restaurant. I'm not envious in the least! Does he use sichuan peppercorns for the kung pao dishes now that it's legal in the US again? Hopefully you haven't washed away into the ocean with all this rain we're having. I'll admit I never call in for the mystery musical as I pretty much never know what it is; although. I did know the Zanna Don't song from seeing it at the NCTC here in SF. Finian's Rainbow I know from having sung "Look to the rainbow" at BYU in the men's choir. I kind of hated that song actually (sorry :(). Anywho, enjoyed the show.

  2. Yes after 15 minutes it has gone skype-y. Since you saved the file at that time and then it started, maybe you can check in audacity if the auto-save rate isn't bothering perhaps.