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Friday, May 13, 2011

Satyrsphere: Mid-Flight Entertainment #7

Welcome to another installment of Satyrsphere Mid Flight Entertainment!

Artists featured this week:
Forbidden Broadway
Debbie Gravitte
Bette Midler

Until next time,

This is the Satyr, over & out!


  1. I loved this show, not so much MORE than the other mid-flight shows, but because of the humor of many of the songs. I saw Forbidden Broadway in NYC when I visited as a lark on a night when we didn't have another big show to see, but we were pleasently surprised at how funny and well written the show was.

    Keep up the great shows and I'll be in touch.
    (Special shout out to The Impaler. )

    Joe in Dallas

  2. Thank you Joe! I loves me some Forbidden Broadway something fierce!

    The Impaler says hi back! HONK!