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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Satyrsphere 031

This is a very special episode of The Satyrsphere. It was recorded *live* in front of an audience at the Pride48 gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's a little longer then normal, just under an hour, & several members of the Satyrsphere Stewardess Corps join me.

Enjoy the 2011 Pride48 Las Vegas cast recording of these weeks Mystery Musical!

Thank you to Stewardesses Nessa of the Hello Nessa podcast, Christina & Nicole of the Greetings From Nowhere podcast and airline audio tech Adam from the Dubious Intent+ podcast for helping out throughout this episode! Also, lots of love to members of the lovely studio audience!  

Podcast Rollcall:
ALL the podcasts of Pride48  

Last Weeks Mystery Musical:
Big River

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