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Friday, December 28, 2012

Satyrsphere Book Club for January

Hello Satyrspherians!

The January selection for the Satyrsphere Book Club will be Random Realities by Melanie Fletcher:

From the website:

"Ranging from the farthest reaches of outer space to the chilly shores of England, Random Realities offers ten tales that cheerfully romp across space, time, and a wide variety of genres.
Featuring an introduction by the award-winning writer Jana Oliver, this collection includes a disturbing take on the future of acting ("Star Quality"), a bubba-heavy paranormal black comedy that was on the 2007 Nebula Award long list ("The Padre, the Rabbi, and the Devil His Own Self"), and a flamboyant riff on 50's space opera that predates Captain Jack Harkness by two years ("Lusts of the Cat Queen: a Dash Manning Adventure").
In addition to previously published material, Random Realitiesalso includes two never-before published stories; a dark look at a loveless queen ("All on a Summer's Day"), and two dear friends spending their final days together ("The Quiet Sound of Bees). Enjoy!"

Melanie is, of course, one of the co-hosts of one of my favorite podcasts: Don't Quit Your Day Job.

Head over to the Random Realities website for more info on how to purchase the book!

We will do a Skype call in late Jan/early Feb (depending on schedules) and you can be a part of the show!

Until next time, 
This is the Satyr, over and out!

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