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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Satyrsphere #105

Captain Scott is back with his co-pilot & Flame Dame, Cindy! This week, we dish some television, chat about hockey, and discuss a little theatre. Plus, our Mystery Musical is dedicated to the one and only, Big Fatty!

Thank you to Stewardesses Dani from the Secretly Timid podcast for the help at the beginning & end of the show!

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Last Weeks Mystery Musical:

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  1. Hey Scott, Cindy, Impaler, Socks, Boots, and What-his-name -

    Wait! You aren't the one singing your theme song, Scott? I feel betrayed.

    Anyway, I agree with you Cindy. I also disliked the popularity contest that "King of the Geeks", and I hope that they get rid of that for the next series. (I also didn't like RuPaul adding the popular vote to the Sharon Needles finals).

    On the RuPaul front, I know you like the little twinkie ones, but I think that Roxie is surprisingly cute. Then again, anyone might be looking good when standing next to Alyssa Edwards out of drag -- her face makes agood diet suppressant. I am somewhat hoping for a Roxie/Detox/Jinkx final with a Roxie win. What are your thoughts?

    Oh! I have a song you might enjoy. I used it to close the latest More Geek Than Gay, but I am goign to try and make an individual copy for you to hear. (I am at work or I would do it right now). My roommate and I were both surprised at where muppets went in 1974 - with a soft-shoe and everything!

    Hope you all are having a great day --

    Edward (that guy in Phoenix)

  2. I downloaded and listened to this episode as soon as it appeared. You didn't give enough warning to me for the Mystery Musical. When I heard the anthem start, I barely had enough time to rise and drop trou. I'm so excited that I know not only where and when the anthem is most regularly heard, but also where it originated -- all thanks to Big Fatty Online!

  3. crone, did your "dairy areas" grow moist?

    1. no, not with all that air circulation.... d8-)

  4. Hello Scott and Cindy,
    Major accomplishment this week (although I'm only writing now) in that I don't consider myself a musicals fan, but I just bought "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three" for no other reason than you providing a "mystery musical" reminder.
    Back in high school, I recall this from band, but I'd forgotten completely until now. I also recall the album someone brought in before school have the older/original "T&A" title, too.