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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Updating the Podcast List

I noticed some podfaded shows were up there, so I did some weeding. I also noticed some of my favorite shows were not there, so I've added the following:

2 Homos - Lesbian Podcast
Bitter and Salty - A World of Warcraft Podcast
Catching Up
Flip the Table
Gay Confidence Coach
Grits to Glitz
it's all about M.E. podcast
Miss Molly Bell's Creative Habit
Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast
The Bender
The Dinner Party Show
The Library is Open
The Mitzi Morris Show
The Truth
This Show is So Gay w/ Ken Schneck
What Some Would Call Lies

I am always looking for new shows to fill my queue, so if there's something that's not on the list to the right that you enjoy, leave me a comment so I can explore it.

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