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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Satyrsphere #108

Captain Scott is back with his co-pilot & Flame Dame, Cindy! This week, we discuss television as usual. There’s some hockey talk and I recount some recent travels! There’s also a little Socks & Boots talk to celebrate World Rat Day!

Thank you to Stewardess Daya from the Miss Molly Bells Creative Habit podcast for the help at the beginning & end of the show!

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  1. howdy everyone but "whatshisname".

    here is a clip of the girl from American Idol that sang "One Rock & Roll Too Many"
    Hope you like it.

    Also, my ex in Tucson works with the Developmentally Disabled (lovely phrase) and he asked me not to use the word "retard", but he sent me that request online and had a small typo. So with his blessing, we now have the term "returd" to use. It works for me.

    Edward, that guy in Phoenix