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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Help the Satyrsphere!


I need a new mixer, some cords to connect it and if I had my druthers, a couple new mic stands.

Gifts For the Goat!

I'm not asking anyone to buy them all for me, the mixer itself is a lil expensive in and of itself. However, let's call this a pledge drive. 

Gifts For the Goat!

If you could get us Amazon gift cards in *any* amount, I could combine them to get the items we need to bring you a better show. Even if 20 listeners each got us a $5 gift card, we could purchase the upgrades we really need. Not to mention, if you were feeling generous and sent us $10 or $20 gift cards!

Gifts For the Goat!

So, thank you, in advance for any help you can provide! We truly appreciate you giving us an hour of your week to listen to the show and want to bring you the best quality production we can!

Gifts For the Goat!

Until next time,
This is the Satyr, over & out!

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