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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Horrible Contest For Horrible Podcast Listeners

Greetings from the cockpit!

If you love Cards Against Humanity, you're gonna love this contest!

We've teamed up with Crabs Adjust Humidity, a third party, unofficial, unauthorized expansion pack to give away their first expansion pack.
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It's amazing how seamlessly they fit into your regular deck. Not to mention, these are some damn hilarious cards!

So, we have a deck to send to one lucky winner of our contest! We are creating a special deck over at Cardcast for Satyrsphere listeners and need your suggestions for cards! Keep them Satyrsphere themed and we'll probably add them to our custom deck. Both Black Call cards & White Response cards!

So, please leave your ideas for cards in the comments. Cindy & I will choose our favorites and award you this prize.

Until next time,
This is the Satyr, over & out!


  1. SPUNK Lube

    The residents of Ratropolis

    Cindy's fear of the sticky stuff in the Cockpit.


    The Stwardess Corp on Drag night

  2. A surprisingly girthy Impaler

    A surprisingly cavernous Cindy

    The musical of your life would be called "__________"

    Cindy's giggle

    When Nicole hears Impaler Talk she thinks about "_________"

    Scott's favorite activity during Fleet Week involves "__________"

    Bondage and safe words

    Quid pro quo

    Naked sailors

    Patti Lupone

  3. Afternoon Delight.

    A lead role in a children's musical that is entirely acted in the kneeling position.

    Obscure musicals.

  4. The T.J. Effect.

    The thing that broke Satyr's ability to bottom was _________________.

    RuPaul in a zoot suit riding a zebra.

    Muppet Bumpers.

    ________________: The new musical starring Scott the Satyr, 15 trained pythons, and _____________.

  5. Cindy's keen improv skills.

    A tour of historical old theatres that ended with a blowjob in a back alley.

    "I got nothin'."

    "Hey Cindy, it's that time again! That time when we use _________ to create ___________!"

    Phone calls to other podcasts to pimp out your own show.

    Grindr guys.

  6. A sold-out opening night.

    An attention whore with a goldfish memory.

    We knew The Satyrsphere had jumped the shark when _________ got its own bumper.

    The ultimate Project Runway challenge: Make an evening look using only _____________.

  7. Howitzers

    Tonight on Project Ratway ...

  8. Briggadoon

    ___________ is longer than 60 mins.

    Frequent Fliers

    ___________, you're dead to me!

    Ethel Merman

    "Well hello ____________, this is ______________ !"

    Mystery musical musical musical......musical musical musical...

    "Previously, on the __________."

    "And that was our stewardess, _______________, from ____________"

    Bro. Moose

    Equity Performers

  9. (Edward, from More Geek Than Gay here. Not sure how this will post me, so I thought I would put my name here just in case.)

    Receiving faxes on an airplane
    Beloved Whats-his-name
    The Joys of a black boyfriend
    That guy in Phoenix
    Greeting the Impaler

    "Come fly with me, up to the _________"
    His audience consisted of two rats, _________, and _________ (two cards)

  10. A 15-hour tech rehearsal day.

    An emergency 2-hour rehearsal to get a back-up actor up to speed.

    A fistful of One Condoms dripping with Spunk Lube!

    A Mystery Musical so obscure that even Bro-Moose can't guess it.

  11. Five Fleshjacks getting dusty on a shelf.

    Getting in a fight with your boyfriend just so you can have makeup sex.

    When he runs out of podcasts to listen to, Satyr enjoys ___________ during ______________.

  12. A pair of twinks D.P.-ing a glazed donut.

    Live tweeting "The Gilmore Girls."

    Getting jizz on your Kindle while reading erotic werewolf fan fiction.

    ________________: A collection of gay merman short stories from Nicola Cameron.

    Satyr's perfect lazy Sunday would include _____________, _____________, and a well-lubed _____________.

    Cindy's dream date requires ______________, ___________, and just a smattering of ___________.