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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Greetings From Nowhere - Reintroduction


Hello Satyrspherians! We would like to interrupt our radio silence with bonus content:
Calling all listeners, minions, army leaders, our stalker and the MPPs! You know who you are!
After almost a year and a half off, my friend Christina and I will be coming back with our podcast, Greetings from Nowhere. For six years we podcasted about our lives for fun and friendship and a bunch of wonderful listeners came along for the ride. Having been rejuvenated by a good break, we are coming back together again and will be putting out podcast episodes on a more monthly to bi-weekly rate. We’re going to take it a bit more easy this time. I have added a page to the site here for the podcast for your ease of reference. 
Until next time, 
This is the Satyr, over & out.

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