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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Satyrsphere 009

I talk theatre & hockey among other topics! Plus, what the Satyr is watching on TV!

Thank you to Stewardess Tara, one of our listners, for the help at the beginning & end of the show!

Podcast Rollcall:
Greetings From Nowhere
The Progrum With Wanda Wisdom

Last Weeks Mystery Musical:

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  1. Hi there, Mr. Satyr. I listened to some of your podcasts, and I wanted to say hello. I'm surprised that I figured out the chess mystery, but only because they said chess in the song as I generally as a rule avoid musicals. How'd you get so into hockey? Did I miss that episode? And how did you end up at the front porch in sf? I was surprised at how close it was and I'd never heard of it. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in SOMA. I've heard some tales about Mack that make me feel like it is not really the safest of spaces, but glad you had a good time. I'm curious to know more about Monterey. Only been twice myself, whale watching, etc. How'd you end up there. And somehow I wonder if more theater people should be involved in larp.

  2. Hello Kalvin!

    Wow, lots of questions!

    I've never explained how I got into hockey, but thank you, it's agreat story for the podcast!

    I went to the Front Porch with some friends, a fellow podcaster, while he was in SF. Give it a try, it's some damn good food!

    I *really* enjoyed my time in SOMA, The Impaler was very happy! I was intending on going to Blow Buddies, but well it was right there.

    I ended up in Monterey as I moved here for a job nearly 10 years ago now.

    Yes, I think more theatre people should be involved in LARP, but surprisingly few are.

    Hope you are enjoying the show!