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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wanted: Satyrsphere Stewardess Corps Applications

Hi folks, this is the Satyr, looking for more podcasters or listners to join the Corps:

As for the intro & outro for The Satyrsphere, Think 1960's perky/sexy airline stewardess.

"Ladies & gentlemen, a word from our captain:"

"Ladies & gentlemen, please *unfasten* your safety belts and release your chairs from their *uptight* position. You're about to take a trip to... The Satyrsphere!"

"Ladies & gentlemen, we hope you've enjoyed flying the *frisky* skies! We'll see you on our next flight to The Satyrsphere. And don't forget to zip up your pants on the way out."

Feel free to send me the three files however & whenever you have a chance and I'll put them all together.


This is the Satyr, over & out!

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  1. I am here... and drunk... and horny... I think i am in the right place!!!