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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Satyrsphere 018

I talk about gaming & theatre this week! Plus a segment on the Satyr Travels!
Thank you to Stewardesses Christine & Nicole, of the Greetings From Nowhere Podcast, for the help at the beginning & end of the show!

Podcast Rollcall:
Live It Up!
Dudes on Hockey

Last Weeks Mystery Musical:
Merrily We Roll Along

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  1. As a Hockey hating lesbian (I once played Ice Hockey myself) I have to admit that I have hesitated to listen to your podcast - what a mistake. I think you are amazing and I enjoyed this show very much!!! Now I have to catch up! Love you dear xo kb

  2. So jealous you get to play Werewolf! I've wanted to play that for soooo long. I've only managed to play Vampire for a little while.

  3. Kim,

    Thanks for listening! I've always been in awe of your mad photoshop skillz! So glad you are giving this old goat a shot. I hope I don't dissapoint!


  4. River,

    Yes, I've played both, but damn I loves me some Werewolf!