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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Satyrsphere Mid Flight Entertainment 005

Welcome to another installment of Satyrsphere Mid Flight Entertainment!

Artists featured this week:
Jonathon Coulton
Forbidden Broadway
Captain Tractor
Lemon Demon

Until next time,

This is the Satyr, over & out!


  1. Portal = <3
    I am so glad that you played JoCo's song. It's one of my favourite Portal and JoCo songs. Have you gotten the chance to play Portal 2? It's pretty great. Glados' past is kinda sad. </3

    It was actually because of you that weeks ago I looked up 'Ultimate Showdown'. Again, adore that song.

    I really like the mid-flights; it's neat to see some of the other songs you enjoy; you're almost making me want to DJ again!

  2. River,

    I can't wait to play Portal 2 once I have some money & free time! Busy & poor lil goat here.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the podcasts!

    Do you have a twitter?


  3. I know how that goes, lol.

    I enjoy them very, very much.

    I do have a twitter! I just created one.


  4. Well, feel free to add me as a contact there!